March 21, 2011

Found The Spear 10,000 year-old

The ancient heritage was found in Florida, United States

HOT NEWS - Some archaeologists found a new hope on the spring that hit the southern United States. In Florida, about an hour drive from Tampa to the south, scientists found the cultural heritage in the ancient times.

The Prehistoric Spear
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In middle of exploration of the excavation in the vicinity of Little Salt Spring, in the southern part of Sarasota Country, a team of divers from Florida Aquarium and the University of Miami was surprised to find a spear of the life in ancient times.

Archaeologists estimate this spear already there are approximately 10,000 years ago. These findings further convince them that in the vicinity of the location of the discovery of this spear buried many things which is a remnant of prehistoric existence of ancient life in the past.

What made that underground site for scientists is very unique, because of the water that had been buried as deep as 250 feet from the past, and does not contain oxygen. Thus, there are no microbes or bacteria that survive and destroy these relics.

"We managed to find amazing artifacts, which can not be found elsewhere, because the water environment here is very unique," said John Gifford, one of the specialist underwater archaeologist from University of Miami, in Monday, March 21, 2011.

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