March 30, 2011

Weird Dinosaur Discovered in Canada

Marine reptiles have often been found previously in this region, but the ground dinosaur is not prevalent

HOT NEWS - TORONTO - A number of workers Suncor, a mining company operating in the area of ​​Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, found a rare dinosaur fossil is estimated around 110 million years old. In fact, hundreds of years ago, the area is covered by water.

The discovery began when Shawn Funk (digger machine operators) see the mound of earth with strange textures and materials that form a pattern resembling a diamond. After that, together with his supervisor, Michael Gratton, he send photographs of these findings to the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

This finding is very interesting and make museum send scientists and technicians to the location. From the research, the Royal Tyrrell Museum curator, Donald Henderson believes that the skeletons of dinosaurs that are still intact is the oldest dinosaur ever found in Alberta.

Types of this dinosaur is Ankylosaurus, which is a rare species of terrestrial dinosaurs that have bone shaped of plate that is useful to protect the body. Ankylosaurus is a four-legged plant-eating animals, strong boned and has a tail like a stick that may be useful for self-defense.

"We've never been find the dinosaur in this location," Henderson said, as reported by CBC news.

"Because this area was formerly a sea, most fossils are found in invertebrates such as mussels and snails," he said.

Last of important fossil found in northern Alberta is the giant reptiles called ichthyosaurs. The fossil was found near Fort McMurray, 10 years ago.

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