March 31, 2011

Tiger fish as Congo's Monster River

Tigerfish and Angler Jeremy Wade
"Tiger fish is very rare and hard to catch because it lived in a very remote area and difficult to reach," said Wade, as reported by Monsters River.

Just as in South America that have a piranha fish, Africa also has a similar wild fish that is Tigerfish.

Although the two fish species are very different, but they are known to be very wild when hunting prey.

Tigerfish has 32 teeth that interlock between the teeth on the bottom, while the body has a muscle that is very flexible in order to move quickly.

Tiger fish has air sacs in the body that serves as a sound receiver, which can transmit the vibrations of water that marks the existence of other animals in the vicinity.

Incredibly, the tigerfish can catch any size of prey, including anything on land and too close to the riverbank. Tigerfish adults generally hunt in groups, consisting of 4-5 fish. A tigerfish can catch prey with the size of its own body.

A professional angler from England, Angler Jeremy Wade, managed to beat tigerfish measuring long 5 feet (about 1.5 meters) and weight 45 kg, after trying to catch it for 8 days. He is one of the few people who managed to catch the Tigerfish.

When prey in rare or very difficult time getting the preys, tigerfish can also perform cannibalism. The study mentions, This is reasonable happening, especially in the dry season.

Tigerfish is also known to attack humans. Tigerfish attacks can be deadly because of its sharp teeth and very aggressive.

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