March 19, 2011

Japan Nuclear Dangers Rise to Level 5

The Japanese government raised the level of nuclear radiation hazards to a level of five due to damage to Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) in Fukushima. The same level ever happened in Three Mile Island accident in 1979.

fukuyama nuclear reactorHOT NEWS - As reported by NHK, Japan's Nuclear Industrial Safety Agency has evaluated the level of severity of disasters and raise the level of radiation scale to level 5 by the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (Ines).

Nuclear Industrial Safety Agency said that the reason for raising this level because more than 3 percent of the damaged nuclear fuel and radioactive material leaked from the factory.

Level 5 is the highest third of the maximum level of 8 scales in Ines and the worst nuclear accident ever happened in Japan for this.

According to the Tokyo Embassy website, nuclear experts describe the scale of 5 occurs due to melting of fuel in the reactor core. Previously reactor accident in Fukushima Units 1 to 4 are included in the scale of 4 in Ines, or the scope of the accident was still being around Fukushima nuclear power plant. Worst accident at the Chernobyl incident is included in the scale 7

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